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Why Choose TIBA

Political Advocacy

Our goal is to protect the interests of and speak for independent businesses. As a TIBA member, you gain a voice in our political advocacy process as we survey members prior to setting our political policies and goals. In addition, you will receive valuable state and local political information throughout the year.

Member Support

Who better to go to for business advice than other independent business owners? Join other members who share your concerns regarding independent business. TIBA members have a wealth of information and resources to share.

Networking Opportunities

The most dynamic group of business people in Shawnee County is available for networking at events throughout the year—providing you with potential new business opportunities. TIBA hosts monthly Membership Luncheons, Quarterly Socials, and much more!

Continuing Education

Throughout the year, we keep you informed and educated by offering seminars covering topics such as sales, human resources, tax planning and health insurance planning. For info about our upcoming seminars.

Active Committees

Our association is governed by the members. Our committee structure allows you to participate in decisions that impact TIBA members and independent business in general. Free Listing on the TIBA Website (Can be viewed by members only.)

TIBA Member Directory

TIBA members receive a free online listing for their business, with their name, business name, and business phone number. You can even upload your photo if you like. This information can be viewed only by other TIBA members.

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